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                  Nanjing State Chemical Co., Ltd.

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                  Anionic Bioflocculant
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                  Anionic Bioflocculant-I

                  PropertyThis product similar to the process of Cationic Bioflocculant contains one or more negative ions, which can effectively neutralize positively charged colloids and suspended particles, and removing contaminants in water by flocculating.

                  Specification: Appearence is white powder, degree of polymerization is above 90%, average molecular weight is 10-40 million, and degree of hydrolysis is more than 65%. It is very soluble, solution is very clear, viscous, stable and degradable.

                  Application: This product is widely used in domestic sweage treatment, raw drinking water treatment, mud-water seperation, pre-treatment of membrane filtration, as well as most of industrial wastewater.

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