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                  Nanjing State Chemical Co., Ltd.

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                  Cationic Bioflocculant
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                  Cationic Bioflocculant-III

                  PropertyThis product is easy soluble in water, no changes in different pH ranges, fast flocculanting, non-toxic, degradable, safe. With the strong charge density and long molecular chain structure, it can quickly agglomerate colloids and suspended particles in the water, featuring lagre floccules, easy filtration and significant flocculation decontamination according to the quality of wastewater. It is a kind of new efficient environmentally friendly cationic flocculant.

                  Specification: Appearence is yellow to yellow-brown  viscous liquid with 35% concentration, dynamic viscocity at 25℃ is more than 10000cps, average molecular weight is about 20 million, pH is 3-5 and  cationic charge density is more than 10%.

                  Application: This product is similar to Cationic Bioflocculant-II, especially applicable for mud-water seperation with high inorganic consitituent content, such as coal fining wastewater treatment.

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