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                  Nanjing State Chemical Co., Ltd.

                  Tel:  +86-025-86807185

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                  For more information, please contact: sales@state-chemical.com

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                  Address: Office 1324, 133 Fuyuan Street, Jianye District, Nanjing 210017,China

                  Cationic Bioflocculant
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                  Cationic Bioflocculant-I

                  PropertyThis product is easy soluble in water, no changes in different pH ranges, fast flocculanting, non-toxic, degradable, safe. With the strong charge density and long molecular chain structure, it can not only neutralize charges, but also can adsorb, bridge and sweep impurities in the wastewater. It is a kind of new efficient environmentally friendly cationic flocculant.

                  Specification: Appearence is light yellow to brown viscous liquid with 30% concentration, dynamic viscocity at 25℃ 14 000 - 60 000, the average molecular weight is 20 million, pH is 10 and  cationic charge density is more than 15%.

                  Application: This product is widely used to treat source of drinking water, coalwashing water, domestic sewage, and mud water seperate, as well as for separating of anionic PAM during displacement of reservoir oil. 

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